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Leela is a Web Service infrastructure for loosely-coupled business services. Each peer is controlled in one or more federations. Within this environment peers can collaborate in a simple-to-use, loosely coupled, and ad hoc style of communication.

Two papers, explaining Leela in more detail, are available:

  • U. Zdun. Loosely coupled web services in remote object federations. In Proceedings of 4th International Conference on Web Engineering (ICWE 2004), Munich, Germany, July 2004. [ .ps | .pdf ]
  • U. Zdun. Semantic lookup in service-oriented architectures. In Proceedings of Fourth International Workshop on Web-Oriented Software Technologies, Munich, Germany, July 2004. [ .ps | .pdf ]

An overview of Leela and its concepts (especially its pattern-based design) is presented in the Remoting Patterns book:

Remoting Patterns Book

For downloads or further information, refer to the Leela project page: http://sourceforge.net/projects/leela/ The Leela documentation is included in the distribution.

To run Leela you need to download and install Tcl, XOTcl, and the Tcl Thread Extension. Please note that Tcl and XOTcl need to be compiled with the "--enable-threads" option:

Contact Uwe Zdun at: uwe.zdun AT wu-wien.ac.at for any further questions.

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